Agility Trial photos and video clips

agility20150613_154426 agility061315_IMG_5799 agility20150614_120755Thank you to the BFCSD club members who volunteered to staff the Agility Trials held in Escondido June 12-14.  It was a beautiful venue at the Hidden Valley Obedience Club in Escondido.  The mornings were cool and the breeze blew nice light winds throughout the day.  The organizers provided wonderful hospitality to our club members and all the workers throughout the day.

Several dogs earned their MACH titles and that was especially exciting (Master Agility Champion).  Deb was able to take a few photos and some video clips in between her duties assigned by chairpersons Betty Ribble, and Susan and Larry Brockett. Here are the links to the photos and

2 comments on “Agility Trial photos and video clips
  1. Kay Yamasaki says:

    Enjoyed photos and videos!
    Thank you for showing our dogs and their runs!!

  2. betty ribble says:

    This was a FUN! weekend. My thanks to Sandy Fischell, Ford/Diana McFarland and Deb Gibb for hanging out with us on Friday. Thanks to Deb Gibb for the fun pictures taken on Sat./Sun. The Bichons did our breed proud.

    In one picture of myself and Maryellen Velky I am holding a Pumi, not a Bichon. He was a cutie and can he can do things with those ears no other breed can do. They will be in the Herding Group.

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