Shira Yuri’s News Bulletin-Photo Update

Durango Kennel Club

Willow was awarded 2 G4’s at the Durango Kennel Club shows May 18 and May 20.

Willow is now the top Bichon Bitch for grand champion points won in 2017. She is number three in the overall rankings with 139 points. Only Flynn and Gabriel are ahead of her. The number for Dogs in the rankings has  gained 83 points to date. These numbers are reflected as of June 16, 2017 on AKC’s website.

Blade -AKC name Shira Yuri’s Samurai Sword finished at 6.5 months old with five majors. Blade is Willow’s son.

Rosie-AKC name Shira Yuri’s Scarlet Rose finished at 11.5 months old with four majors.

2 comments on “Shira Yuri’s News Bulletin-Photo Update
  1. Betty Ribble says:

    Wahoooo! Congratulations on Willow’s efforts. Sounds like Blade is doing his Momma proud as well.

  2. Linda Rowe says:

    Good for you. Congrats

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