Month: September 2016

BFCSD Dogs in Prescott Arizona

Prescott Arizona Kennel Club Inc. Saturday, 9/24/2016 RWB BIJONE’S BEAUJOLAIS FANCY THAT “Fancy” WB SHYLADAWN’S HOLLYHOCK ODE TO CHAMINADE “Emma” BOB/G2 GCHG CH KARMEL’S BANANAS IN PAJAMAS “PJ” Prescott Arizona Kennel Club Inc. Sunday, 9/25/2016 RWB BIJONE’S BEAUJOLAIS FANCY THAT “Fancy”

Welcome new Member Laura Winston of Rosemont Kennel

  Congratulations, Laura Winston, for becoming the newest member of our club and gaining your membership in the BFCA! We look forward to each of your visits and being our voice in Northern California.  Your strong interest in Bichon health

Happy Day for Shuri Yuri

                    Three Rivers at Purina Farms MO Kenji-san hit the stage big time! Willow is in the canine maternity ward. Brother GCHB SHIRA YURI’S KENDO MASTER IKON “Kenji” stepped up into her

September Club Meeting and Fun Match

  We conducted our September club meeting on the Markim Pet Resort grounds just before the Silver Bay Kennel Club B-Match.  Once our business concluded, we entered 3 bichons in the Sand To Sea Non-Sporting Club competition and then in

BFCSD takes on Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club

                What a fun weekend! The BFCSD showed up with enough entries to make a major for the girls (after a long dry spell with no majors). Of the 15 competing on Saturday,

‘Willow’ Representing BFCSD Nicely