Month: February 2016

Father and Daughter take top prizes at the BFCSD Annual Specialty

Here’s a “once in a lifetime” photo taken at this year’s specialty when PJ took Best in Specialty and his daughter Betsy Ross took Best Opposite the same day. Congratulations to Daddy and his girl. GCH Karmel’s Banana in Pajamas

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Watch the Bichons at Westminster 2016

Sharon Hunkins sent in this NY Times photo she picked up while braving the cold in New York at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club dog shows.  Notice the nice big photo of the Bichons in the ring. You can watch the entire Bichon

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Westminster 2016

Congratulations to the dogs from our club that participated in the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club shows for 2016. The Hartmann’s Kenji and Willow made the trek to the COLD northeast as did Sandy Fishell, Haemi Choi and Sharon Hunkins with Betsy

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