Barbara Stubbs visitors

stubsandfriends_8x10Barbara and Gio (peeking from under the table) are welcoming visitors at her Encinitas home.  She enjoys mid-week visits and loves to hear the latest news from the world of bichons.

Club members Gene and Mary Ellen Mills, Linda Rowe and Deb Gibb visited recently.

Please call or email her daughter, Wendy, to check her weekly schedule.  If you need Wendy’s contact information, contact Deb Gibb.

3 comments on “Barbara Stubbs visitors
  1. Laurie Bender says:

    Is there any recent news about Barbara Stubbs? I miss her. I have had her bichons for 35 years. She has such a special place in my heart. If it weren’t for her, I would never have gotten involved with this miraculous breed of loving fur babies.

  2. Laurie Bender says:

    Does anyone have an address for Barbara’s daughter, Wendy? I would love to drop her a note to tell her how much Barbara and her bichon babies meant to me.

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